NO Access or Passwords Needed! : Using our methods, we don’t have to control or have any access to your account in any way. All we require from you is the link of the video where you want your order applied. Delivery will take place as soon as we receive your payment.

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The views will come in naturally with a good retention and from real sources

It can help you gain credibility and attract more customers. Say you’re a restaurant and have regular performances from bands or musicians. Making videos of them performing and of your customers enjoying it could be an awesome way of giving potential customers a taste of what to expect. Now, one of the factors that these potential customers will look at subconsciously is how popular the video actually is. If your video only has 100 views then they’ll know right off the bat that you’re not that popular and may consider another restaurant. On the other hand, if your videos have tens of thousands of views, thousands of likes and hundreds of comments than potential customers will see it and think WOW! This is a big thing. I should go here. That is just one example of buying views to help a local business.

The length of time your audience spends watching your video referred to as retention. Our Normal YouTube Views have a retention of 45+ seconds and High Quality YouTube Views will watch 70-100% of the video regardless of how long it is. This can be verified by viewing your Audience Retention Report found in your YouTube Analytics.

All YouTube Views orders begin instantly! However YouTube doesn’t update it’s view counters right away so expect to see your first change within 24 hours or so. Typical speed for Views at roughly 200k-400k per day!

Absolutely! We’ve heard of a lot of success stories from people that started buying views to end up with an extremely popular and viral video. BUT this again depends heavily on the content of the video. Buying views will help your video gain credibility and social proof which can help attract people to watching it, but if those people don’t love it and don’t share it, then your video isn’t going to gain much attraction. If your video is awesome, funny, or engaging and people love it, then they’ll share and their friends will share it and the viral train begins. It all starts with making a good video.

No, absolutely not. There is no law in any country that states that you cannot purchase views or traffic.

No. You won’t get banned from YouTube and as of late 2019, your video cannot get removed.

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